Thursday, June 30, 2011

Antara Apps, a new company based in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce the launch of "LifeisMusic" Vivaldi, the new play to learn classical music app to the Android Market™. Life is Music offers an alluring challenge for experienced classical music listeners, and an introduction for novices into classical tempo and the story-telling of symphonies through gaming.  

Classical Music Like Never Before
Visuals and stories exist in classical music, even when words don't. Like reading a story book, Life is Music takes the user through excerpts of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, painting the picture that only the privileged students of classical music visualized, until now.  

Vivaldi for Everyone

Music is everywhere, music is represented in all of us, and Life is Music is one way to play along with it! If you ever wanted to teach someone the true meaning of classical music, then this is the app for it. Sheuf is ecstatic to bring to market a new way to listen and understand the power of classical music. There’s no better place to start than with android operating tablets.

A new way to appreciate classical
See the Music!

Life is Music is a smart phone application that teaches tempo and tests user’s coordination skills, tapping the notes in time through four levels of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The game is simple, entertaining and visually rich. Win concert applause, cups and unlock new and more difficult levels with greater rhythmic challenges.

- Teaches classical tempo and rhythm through gaming   
- Play through four levels of Vivaldi's most significant classical piece
- Novice, normal and expert difficulty levels for ages 7 and up
- Beautiful graphics and stories representing the music

Device Requirements
* Compatible with any multi-touch android phone or tablet
* 28.2 MB

Pricing and Availability
Life is Music app 1.0 is available from midnight CEDT Thursday 7 July, 2011 with a free ‘light’ version and the option to upgrade to a full version. Life is Music is available worldwide exclusively through the Android Market in the games category.

Take a look...Coming Soon!

The new app is coming soon...come back in 4 days for a FREE trial